I have often said that the tech reviewing community is incredibly out of touch with the needs of most customers. This happens with niche features on smartphones that are suggested as being crucial…

Windows 10X’s Reimagination is Chrome OS’s Validation

Yet the reality is that it is quickly becoming worth their time as Microsoft has made the pivot to make Windows 10X more of a Chrome OS competitor . At the time of the announcement , the path of going towards a dual-screen future made sense, as Microsoft had lost out on the current wave of mobile devices with the failure of Windows Phone. Many people have looked at the offerings of standard Windows 10 laptops versus the simplicity of iPad and Chrome and have opted for the latter especially in the education sector. The lightweight nature with a heavy leaning on the web with just a little bit of native local support is evident throughout the Windows 10X experience. It is very clear that Microsoft now sees Chrome OS as a viable competitor in computing after years of openly mocking the operating system. These moves to make 10X more appealing as an alternative to Chrome OS for a single screen device will change the way that we may look at entry-level Windows laptops from the likes of Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Image Credit: Robynne Hu via Unsplash The real outcome of this shift in strategy with Windows 10X by Microsoft is the declaration of a couple of things by the software giant. Ultimately, Microsoft would prefer that its users migrate to using its web services instead of relying on local storage and native programs that are utilized in Windows 10 Home and Pro. The company years ago integrated OneDrive support in the native file explorer to give their users a taste of the power of their cloud systems. Our tech computing future is in the cloud, and it is great to see our largest software supplier finally embracing it fully.

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